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AtisApp is young and energetic and believes that having up-to-date knowledge, sufficient knowledge, honesty in work, fulfilling commitments, along with hard work and hard work along with principled management cause its growth and sustainability. Therefore, it is composed of young, professional, up-to-date and hard-working forces who all believe that in order to achieve success and build a beautiful life, it is necessary to work hard, honestly and selflessly. AtisApp has a heavy task to achieve his goals and he puts it in the order of his team and that is to lead you to success. Because next to you we grow and your presence with us makes our goals come true. So your dream is our mission! ”

In order to achieve dreams, it is necessary to have a goal. So we work in all situations and nothing stops us from working and achieving our goal.In AtissApp, everything is done in a planned and continuous way, because we believe that in order to reach the goal, we must move forward step by step.

We design and develop websites and mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business.

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Our Team

More information about AtisApp team members.

Peyman Ataie Project Manager And Android Developer
Born in 1992
8 years of experience as an Android programmer
Italy, Genoa
Mohammad Nikzad Backend Developer
Born in 1996
7 years of experience as a backend programmer
Italy, Genoa
Faezeh Ataei frontend Developer
Born in 1990
6 years of experience as a frontend programmer
Italy, Genoa